NOTE: If you have any dietary restrictions, e.g.: nuts, dairy products, etc. please inform us. Any dish not on the menu, can be prepared on request.


Salmon Steak tempered with roasted spices then grilled.
Tawa Prawns
Prawns tossed over griddle, served with spicy sauce.
Our Chef’s Speciality – Prawns cooked with onions, garlic and spicy hot chilli masala.
Mixed Kebab
Chicken Tikka, Sheek Kebab, Lamb Chops and Prawn
Chicken Achari
Boneless morsels of Chicken, marinated in pickled spices, cooked in the clay oven.
Bombay Chatpati
Bombay’s road side favourite:- Our chef’s speciality – chick peas, potatoes, eggs, cooked with fresh herbs served with chat-pati masala.
Sea Bass
Pan fried Sea Bass, lightly spiced. Served on a sizzler with fried onions and peppers.
Spring Lamb Chops
Lamb Chops marinated in roasted spices then grilled
Chicken Chat Masala
Chicken cooked with onion, garlic and spicy chat masala.
Onion Bhaji
Lentil and onion, mixed with fresh garlic and spicy deep fried
Sheek Kebab
Charcoal grilled minced Lamb in dry spices.
Samosa (Meat)
Crisp pastry filled with spicy mince Lamb and deep fried.
Samosa (Vegetable)
Crisp pastry filled with spicy mince vegetables and deep fried
Allo Chop
Shallow fried grated potatoes with onion, fresh garlic and herbs
Tandoori Duck
Duck marinated in lemon, yoghurts and spices, grilled over clay oven.

House Special Dishes

Zaflongi Murugh (hot and spicy)
Barbecue chicken marinated with hot naga morich, honey, fresh ginger, garlic, coriander, tomatoes, green pappers & ground spices. Serve on a bed of fresh spinach.
Sliced Chicken cooked with fresh Ginger Curry leaf, Coriander & Red Pepper in a medium spicy sauce.
(Medium to Hot ) A spicy dish cooked with Red Pepper , pickled chilies, spring onion & fresh coriander for a unique mouthwatering taste.
(Medium to Hot ) A spicy dish cooked with Red Pepper , pickled chilies, spring onion & fresh coriander for a unique mouthwatering taste.
(Medium to Hot ) A spicy dish cooked with Red Pepper , pickled chilies, spring onion & fresh coriander for a unique mouthwatering taste
A very tasty king Prawn dish which is in its very own league, a blend of herbs and spices with a touch of honey, ground almond, pistachio and coconut milk to create a fabulous dish.
Garlic Chilli Chicken
(hot & Spicey) barbacue morsels of chicken, maranated in pickled spiced, cooked with garic, hot green hillies & pappers and fresh coriander.
Chicken Tikka Rogon (medium)
Pieces of Lamb cooked in a medium sauce with variety of green herbs & spices. A North Indian classic.
Rogon Josh (medium)
Pieces of Lamb cooked in a medium sauce with variety of green herbs & spices. A North Indian classic.
Achar Gosih-Ka-Salan (hot)
Pieces of tender Lamb cooked in yoghurt & pickled spices tempered with mustard & hot green chillis. A speciality of Hyderabud.
Chicken Merelan (mild)
Chicken cooked in a delightfully mild sauce with mango, pistachio, almond, fresh mint, yoghurt and a dash of fresh cream.
Chicken Shahi Nariyal (very mild)
Avery mild deliciousMaharaja style of Chicken Koorma cooked with coconut and nuts and little exotic spices.
Sylhety Chicken (medium to hot)
Sliced Chicken cooked Desi style with Kashmeri masala, ginger, garlic paste, lime juice, yoghurt, tomato and fresh green chillies and coriander.
Korahi Chicken Tikka (medium)
Charcoal grilled boneless morsels of Chicken, cooked with green peppers, mushrooms, in a spicy sauce with variety of fresh herbs.
Korahi Chicken Masala (medium)
Exotic sizzling dish made with Chicken pieces cooked with minced Lamb and Tandoori sauce. Served with Pulau Rice and Salad.
Lamb Tikka Masala (medium)
Charcoal grilled boneless morsels of Chicken cooked in an exotic sauce of yoghurt and butter finished with almond and dash of cream.
Chicken Tikka Masala (medium)
Charcoal grilled boneless morsels of Chicken cooked in an exotic sauce of yoghurt and butter finished with almond and dash of cream.
Tiger Prawn Jalok (medium)
Spicey Barbecue King Prawns. Cooked with fresh spinach, grated potato and mushroom, flaked garlic and coriander.
Rangamati Chicken (fairly hot)
Sliced breasts of Chicken cooked with sented Bangladeshi Hot Naga Morich a pinch of cumin seeds, ginger, garlic paste, fried onion, and peppers. A very tasty dish full of flavours
Tandoori Duck Shugondi (medium
Barbecue duck cooked with mustard, gingar, garlic, yoghurt & tomato and garnished with fresh coriander, in a medium spicy sauce.
Nobabi Jhinga (medium)
King prawns, pan-fried in butter with gingar and garlic, coriander, green chillies and cooked with fried onions and green pepper in a delightful medium sauce.
Lamb Shank (medium)
Lamb Shank marinated and slow cooked with five spices, yoghurt & Fresh mint, served on shallow fried grated potato with onion and Fenugreek leaves.

Set Meals

Set Meal B (for 4 persons)
4 Mixed Kebab (Starters)
Lamb Tikka Bhuna
Chicken Dansak
Tandoori King Prawn Masala
Chicken Nariyal Korma
Vegetable Niramish
Keema Naan & Garlic Naan
Set Meal A (for 2 persons)
2 Chicken Achari (Starter)
Chicken Tikka Masala
Korahi Lamb
King Prawn Bhuna
Aloo Jeera
Pulao Rice
Kulfi (Dessert)

Clay Oven Grilled Dishes

All Tandoori dishes served with salad.

Tandoori Duck Saslik
Duck pieces roasted in Tandoori with tomato, green peppers and onions.
Tandoori Chicken
Half (two pieces) of spring Chicken marinated in yoghurt- garlic, ginger, lemon juice and spices, cooked in clay oven.
Lamb Tikka
Tender slices of Lamb marinated overnight, cooked in clay oven.
Chicken Saslik
Chicken pieces roasted in Tandoori with tomato, capsicum and onion.
Garlic Chicken
Select pieces of Chicken marinated overnight in yoghurt and many other exotic spices with onion, pepper and tomato.
Chicken Tikka
Boneless morsels of Chicken marinated in yoghurt and mild spices. Baked in clay oven.
Tandoori Mixed Grill
A delightful mixture of Tandooris-Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Sheek Kebab, Lamb Chops, King Prawns.
Tandoori King Prawns
King Prawns marinated in lemon, yoghurt-fresh herbs and spices, grilled over charcoal clay oven.

Bhuna Dishes

(Medium hot, well spiced)

Chicken Bhuna
Lamb Bhuna
Chicken Tikka Bhuna
Lamb Tikka Bhuna
Prawn Bhuna
King Prawn Bhuna
Tandoori Duck Bhuna

Jalfrezi Dishes

Hot dish cooked with hot green chillies, onion, pepper and herb spices.

Chicken Jhalfrezi
Lamb Jhalfrezi
Chicken Tikka Jhalfrezi
Lamb Tikka Jhalfrezi
Prawn Jhalfrezi
King Prawn Jhalfrezi
Tandoori Duck Jhalfrezi
Vegetarian Jhalfrezi

Spinach Dishes

Medium hot well spiced

Chicken & Spinach
Lamb & Spinach
Chicken Tikka & Spinach
Lamb Tikka & Spinach
Prawn & Spinach
King Prawn & Spinach
Tandoori Duck and Spinach

Dansak Dishes

Sweet and sour, fairly hot curry with lentils

Chicken Dansak
Lamb Dansak
Chicken Tikka Dansak
Lamb Tikka Dansak
Prawn Dansak
King Prawn Dansak
Tandoori Duck Dansak
Vegetarian Dansak

Dupiaza Dishes

Medium hot curry with flavoured thick gravy

Chicken Dupiaza
Lamb Dupiaza
Chicken Tikka Dupiaza
Lamb Tikka Dupiaza
Prawn Dupiaza
King Prawn Dupiaza
Tandoori Duck Dupiaza

Balti Dishes

Specially cooked with dry spiced tomato, capsicum and spring onion. Served with Pulao Rice or Nan

Chicken Balti
Lamb Balti
Chicken Tikka Balti
Lamb Tikka Balti
Prawn Balti
King Prawn Balti
Vegetable Balti
Tandoori Duck Balti

Biriyani Dishes

Served with vegetable curry.

Chicken Biryani
Lamb Biryani
Chicken Tikka Biryani
Lamb Tikka Biryani
Prawn Biryani
King Prawn Biryani
Vegetable Biryani
Bombay Special Biryani

English Dishes

Served with vegetable curry

Roast Chicken
Served with chips, peas, tomatoes & salad
Sirloin Steak
Served with chips, peas, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions

Side vegetables

Bombay Green Salad
Green salad with fruits & exotic spices.
Aloo Jeera Jal (hot)
Cumin flavoured spiced potatoes with hot chilli.
Bindi Bhajee (medium)
Fresh Okra tossed with onion & light spices.
Bombay Potatoes (medium)
Spiced potatoes
Bringal Bhajee (medium)
Fresh Aubergine tossed with onion and light spices.
Chana-Dall (mild)
Lentils with garlic
Motor Ponir (medium)
Lightly spiced chick peas cooked with garlic and cheese
Mushroom Bhajee (medium)
Fresh mushrooms cooked with garlic and light spices.
Sag Aloo (medium)
Fresh Spinach cooked with garlic and light spices.
Sag Ponir (medium)
Fresh spinach cooked with garlic,light spices and cheese
Sag Bhajee (medium)
Fresh Spinach cooked with garlic and light spices
Yoghurt mixed with tomatoes, onions, cucumber, fruit and exotic spices.


Plain Rice
Steamed Basmati Rice.
Pulao Rice
Basmati Rice cooked with saffron and cashew nuts.
Fried Rice
Basmati Rice with onions
Egg Fried Rice
Fried rice with beaten egg
Mushroom Pulao Rice
Mushrooms stir-fried with pulao rice.
Nariyal Rice
Basmati Rice cooked with coconu
Bombay Special Rice
Small pieces of chicken with pulao rice.
Vegetable Pulao Rice
Vegetables stir-fried with rice
Keema Pulao Rice
Minced lamb with pulao rice
Prawn & Spinach Rice
Small prawns and spinach stir-fried with pulao rice.


Plain Nan
Unleavened Bread
Keema Nan
Unleavened Bread with Mince Lamb.
Garlic Nan
Unleavened Bread with garlic.
Peshwari Nan
Unleavened Bread with Almond and raisins
Kulcha Nan
Unleavened bread with chillies and vegetables
Chicken Tikka Nan
Unleavened bread with chicken tikka
Cheese Nan
Unleavened bread with cheese
Spicy Paratha
Shallow fried bread with chilli and spices
Spiced papadom
Plain Papadom
Mango Chutney
Lime Pickle
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